Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clump o' Doodles

Evenings are pretty quiet at my house.  Doodling or knitting while listening to classical music or television dramas is pretty satisfying. Sometimes there's a theme, or a subject, or just a pattern I want to incorporate.
This post includes my drawings from the first week of March:  (Not quite Spring yet, but hoping!)
The above is my interpretation of a magic cat with a magic umbrella protecting herself from magic precipitation.

 This was meant to be a sunflower, even if it sort of looks like a cross between a palm tree, carnival ride and surf board display.  You just never know.
I'm still fascinated by house facades; especially ones that vary a lot from whatever is "the usual." If there were an HOA, what WOULD they do?!!

 A person I respect told me that I might learn a lot from the myth of Demeter and Persephone.  I've read quite a few versions, and I'm not sure I understand where I would fit in.  Above is an image attempting to show both goddesses and their interdependence.
 This might have been more successful had I actually STACKED four cups.  But we only use mugs!  So I made this up and added a sort of Rothko background.

Below is actually the first image of this series.  The concept is a path emerging from a sere, dry, inhospitable climate.  Eventually the path finds "brighter" pastures, supportive flora, and less chaos.

And then there was the day I went driving around looking for something to sketch.  EVERYTHING WAS STILL COVERED WITH SNOW.
So this is snow and shadows with only a hint of trees and skies.
I wish I had had a gray marker.  Not all of the shadows were black!

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