Monday, November 10, 2014

In over my head. Again

I have never been good at doing things every day.  Whether it is making the bed, practicing the piano, returning email or planning meals.  NEVER.
So what was I thinking when I promised myself that I would PAINT EVERY DAY???  (I know, I took a work shop to help me do that last summer, but that plus Carol Marine's book, Daily Painting, finally created a tipping point.
This is the product of about the 5th day.
 My inner critic (and probably yours)  is STILL blabbing away. Everybody's a critic, right?
 BUT... it is better than yesterday's, and I learned a lot.  In 1000 days (or 5000) I might be pretty good. 
I'm not going to post these via FB everyday, but they have their own "home" at
 Funny how you can look at a scene that "should" be a shoe-in for a painting in a particular style (I was thinking of Wolf Kahn), and it doesn't quite turn out. 
 Oh, and I accept a challenge from some artist friends to post daily DRAWINGS, too.  Sheesh.
Fortunately, there is no advanced criteria!  So there's one sketch I did while waiting for DH at Lowe's and another of the towel/condiment rack at Pizza Hut.  (Learned a lot from that one, too.  Surprise, Surprise.)

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