Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fourth time is the charm.

Gift knitting has begun.  Awkwardly. I bought this yarn because it came in such amazing colors and was on sale at Webs.  But it only has 100 yards in a skein.  Fortuitously, I got a pattern for a 100 yard chunky knit cowl on that Boston Yarn Crawl I went on.   However, the pattern is one of those that seems SO simple (it's only a 1 row pattern) that it makes you crazy AND is hard to "fix" with out ripping back.  I realized after knitting one skein about 3/4 of the way that the size/shape was not going to flatter anybody's neck, or even keep it warm.  So I adjusted the stitches cast on and re-did it.  But then I found mistakes and re-did it again, and again.  The other skein only had to be knit once.  

It goes fast, so, actually, I might do so more. 

There was a time when ripping back, or having unsatisfactory results would have paralyzed me.
I am proud that I stuck to this!

The following questions are only rhetorical, but if you relate to them, do your best to change up your "usual" answers:
  • What is the matter with me?
  • Why can't I get this right?
  • I wonder if this is worth doing? ... since it is making me so mad.

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