Saturday, November 29, 2014

Birds' Return (and DGD)

Just returned home to Grandma's house after a wonderful movable feast of Thanksgiving at Son, DIL and DGD's (Darling Grand Daughter)  house. The snow storm and ill-timed case of strep throat meant that the turkey would just  have to wait.
And so it did.  DIL and Son knocked themselves out with turkey and side dishes traditional to at least four families that I counted:  mashed potatoes, green beans (NO casserole!), corn casserole, stuffing, turkey, HOMEMADE rolls (two kinds),  home-made butter, molded strawberry jello, rum cake, cannoli cheese cake, pumpkin pie and Rolo/pretzel bites.  I think when we get together for Christmas, there will be still MORE "favorite" foods to be sampled, but it will be up to ME to prepare it!
The granddaughter had only figured out this year that Halloween pumpkins were connected with PIE.  So her mom made one in spite of the fact that she doesn't care for pies in general, nor vegetables (or ANY type) in particular.  DGD seemed to like the pie, though and REALLY liked her Aunt's strawberry jello.  (Everyone else had sort of pretty much made fun of the jello because it was billed  as a substitute for cranberry sauce. But I think for little girls and their memories, something THAT pink and THAT sweet is perfect.) 

 DGD and her two Aunts, listening to the Host expound on something while remaining skeptical!
DGD stayed in touch with Grampa while staying near Daddy.  I love watching "my" boys and DGD!
An extra bonus to the day was the return of the Juncos to one of our bird feeders.  DH spotted them first.
 They are tiny but HUNGRY.  And just after taking this photo, this guy allowed himself to "free fall" to snow level on the far side of the porch.  Must be fun to "jump" when you know you can pull up with a flick of the wings.
 The Blue Jays over winter.  I'm surprised this one stuck around as long as it did because I think the only thing the feeder was full of was snow.  Must tramp through the 5 inches (or so) that we have to re-fill it with seed.  The squirrels or chipmonks had already left foot prints from under the porch to the foot of the feeder.
 Looking disgruntled, don't you think?  Tomorrow!  OK? 
 After all that food, including tryptophan, Old Fashioneds, a little beer, a little wine, we were ALL kind of bushed, and WE weren't on post-strep anti-biotics.  But it was fabulous to be with family.  I'm thankful for all of you.

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