Friday, October 17, 2014

Peak of the Season... (Peeping and the Princess)

Yesterday may have been the peak of the leaf-peeping season in Southern New Hampshire.  On my way home from a morning meeting, the colors were spectacular, in spite of overcast skies.  The field above has turned every color imaginable over the year, but the dusty lavender in contrast with the red and orange maples is particularly striking, don't you think?
 I bet the view from the little house in the trees is pretty amazing.  I also liked how the one leggy "weed" caught the sunlight.

Fall Fantasy (digitally altered)

For Sale.  Two houses and John Greenleaf Whittier's old school.  $488 K (Remax/Merrimac)
I hope this family has many strong sons to rake up all their leaves!

 There are few straight stretches of road in my neck of the woods... But when there is, and the trees are ablaze, it is beautiful... even through the car windshield.
 It would have been even more amazing with a bright blue sky (like the previous day.. but these almost radiate against the pale grey sky.)

This blue house comes as such a surprise... whether in contrast to the fall colors or the coming blanket(s) of snow.  New Englanders seem to really enjoy coloring their houses!  There's something to be said for using wood (or even vinyl) siding, because it either needs paint protection, or coloring so that it isn't just vinyl colored!

 Every turn is just a little different from the last.  It is like driving through a kaleidoscope.
 This is at the intersection of Hadley Road and Rt. 108.  It is a somewhat dangerous intersection (since all of the roads are curving as you get there), but it was nice to stop at the stop sign and just absorb the colors.

 This morning, I had the determination AND energy to take a walk.  This is the view East from our mailbox.
 And the view West... up the hill. 
 This is what you can see of our back yard from the road.  Do you think it is Hansel and Gretel that live here or the Witch?

 There's less red today than earlier in the week, but some of the maple volunteers are still doing their part!

Heading back down the hill, I think that 90% of the visible spectrum was actually visible!

I believe this is Bittersweet.  A pretty but HORRIBLY invasive vine with berries.  Fortunately, this isn't MY yard! Apparently it came from Asia in the 1860's and has been making itself right at home, ever since.  The vines can get heavy enough to topple trees... and with all those berries (i.e. SEEDS) birds and animals spread it far and wide.

The road I HAVE taken... right to my mail box.

When I first saw this rock (unearthed during the Workshop construction), I thought we might have found a skull.
The rain spawned a tiny, very FLAT mushroom in our lawn.  It was only about 3/8 of an inch across.  I wonder if our grub digging skunks like mushrooms?

And then there was yet another birthday celebration last weekend.  This celebration was actually for Gramma D, but anytime the Princess and her parents come visit it is a celebration of family and affection.  HRH wore one of the many "princess" outfits she got for HER birthday, a toasty flannel nightie... accessorized by her mother's childhood quilt (kind of like a royal cape or train).
HRH is trying out her actress poses and facial expressions.

Even her mom was amazed by her whirling dervish routine.

Her nose is from her Mom and her Dad's Mom's family.
Nobody is admitting that they're the source of her coquettish ways!
 But I am smitten no matter what.

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