Monday, September 08, 2014

Cornmaze and carrots (and bison), Oh, Boy!!

 Apparently, there are a lot of Kimballs running farms in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  The farm closest to my house is NOT one of the ones with Ice Cream, bumper boats, batting cages or a pitch and putt gold course. The one near me, in Haverhill, MA, is the one with the CORNMAZE and lots of animals.

This antique corn binder might be from the earliest days of the farm (1820)  Ironically, I discovered what it was from a website for a historical farm just a few miles from where I lived in TEXAS!!!  I still don't know what a modern corn picker/thresher/harvester thingy looks like. 
There are a couple of small sheds at the entrance to the maze.  It is only open on weekends.... But the advertise MOON LIGHT MAZE weekends in September, October and November.  After seeing last night's enormous moon, I think that might be pretty fun! 

 It took me three frames to get most of the maze.  Did you hear about the family a couple of years ago that called 911 because they were lost in a corn maze?  They were in Connecticut, I think.  Can't imagine that you'd live it down!!

 I drove by several years ago and there was a yard full of hogs.  At present, there are BISON by the road.
This one wasn't going to take my attention lying down.

They are REALLY BIG.

This Kimball Farm lists itself as a purveyor of hay, mulch, feed and farm equipment.  I've seen other farms with rotating brushes (kind of like car wash equipment) that the livestock apparently use to comb their hair.  They seem to be frequently used for cattle and sheep that are being shown/auctioned.  Who knew?  Not me.
I wonder if this is mama bison and if she makes the calf (in lower right hand corner) comb his own hair in the morning.
 At any rate, these brushes are mounted on stands and are "do it yourself" from the animal's point of view.

I found this darling on line.  Clearly he/she has benefitted from the fluff and blow-out method.  Stock Show participants are apparently allowed to use conditioners, HAIR SPRAY and even touch-up dye color.
Up the road from the bison and next to a field with llamas (!)  is a barn with 4 huge horses.  The day I was there a grandpa and grandson were feeding them carrots.  Three of the horses must be anti-vegetable because it was the fourth horse out of the barn that was patient enough to be feed by a timid toddler.  I told the grandpa I'd email him my pictures (he was also taking pix with his phone)... but the email address I wrote down bounces back.  If you know these guys (and their address)  let me know!

 Even a big carrot is smaller than a horse's mouth!

 (The llama in the back ground on the far left, wasn't interested.)


 I hope I can take my grand daughter there next time she visits... but as my husband has more experience with horses, I might let him do the feeding!

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