Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knitting (Brioche) and Nawlins (Beignets) in New Hampshire

 It was only a relatively short drive from home to Manchester, New Hampshire, The Queen City for Knitting Lab 2014.

My daughter and I signed up for an Introductory Brioche class as well as a Brioche Colorwork class. 

Let me tell you, I found this a HUGE challenge even with the patient, capable explanations of our instructor Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark.  I felt like I was 5 years old again and learning to "pat my head and rub my stomach."  

I didn't "get it" until a full 48 hours AFTER the class.  I think it had to do with NO interruptions!

Brioche stitches make a fluffy fabric that is "double"... and if done in two colors, looks different from one side to the other.

There are plenty of mistakes in my sample below, but at least one side is predominantly green and the other is predominantly blue and it looks as though all the stitches were knit (which they really aren't).

The next day we took a similarly mind blowing class from Alasdair Post-Quin.  I was slow, but "got it."  This is a picture of one his amazing patterns from Google Images. I think I need several more classes to get this advanced... Or at least a Craftsy class or YouTube tutorial (or two).

On the last day of our knitting glut, after the Double Knitting Class with Alasdair Post-Quin and before Clara Parkes' presentation on the state of the wool industry in the U.S., Daughter and I found N'awlins right here in New Hampshire.  The weather was PERFECT. We sat at an outside sidewalk table where a capable sax man serenaded us (a little loud for quiet conversing... but we managed).
Tried "the" New Orleans brewed lager, Purple Haze and luxuriated in mufalleta, hushpuppies and a fettucini dish called Jazz Fest Pasta .

I should probably recognize this caricature... but I don't.  There were several of them on the walls inside the venue.

After lots of sun, pasta, laughs and a second beer we decided to find a quieter spot to sit, sip and knit or read.  (We had checked out of our hotel, but had an after dinner coffee & cookies "date" with Clara Parkes)

So we walked a bit more and found The Shashkeen... and IRISH bar/pub.  We sat outside.  Daughter switched to Smithwicks, I switched to Diet Coke and tried again to swatch the brioche.  (After 2 beers, you'd think I might have known better!!

I might have to go back with my husband or son in June when the Irish have a talk on THE SCIENCE OF BEER.

All in all, a lovely holiday with family and fiber.

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