Friday, May 23, 2014

Another week before exhibit changes.

Before going to the knitting extravaganza in Manchester, I drove to Kensington (near Concord) to the Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture garden.  I've been before.  The sculpture seems not to change too much, but I am always delighted by the giant "nest" of rocks at the entry to the property, 

not to mention the reedy Wooly Mammoth between the parking area and the gallery.

 The perennials were in spectacular form.  I am definitely wanting to plant phlox and allysum in my new flower bed. The gallery manager and owner said she'd give me some if I came when they were through blooming.  (I think THAT is typical New England friendliness!)

 There is an enormous rock balanced in a tree fork.  Must be really stuck to not fall in storms, snow and nor'easters.

  Dale Rogers is well known for his "big dog" scuptures.  He's from Haverhill Ma, which is just down the road. He bought land for a dog park and put a HUGE dog on it where you can see it from the highway.  I've found since that you can buy them in several different sizes.  I had never seen one with a cat before.  My wish list is growing!! He does lots more than dogs, though! (He had a monkey phase for a while.)
 Giving Woman by Allen Wynn

 Tomie de Paola, the delightful iconic children's illustrator had a solo exhibit last year.  I think most of it must have sold, except for these sweet, simple portraits.  The opening was on a bad weather day, if I remember right... and then I missed the show.  Drat.  Live and learn.  He painted them with with acrylic.
 Mia reminds me of my red haired daughter.

 Melanie Leppla's Glass Lamp reminds me of a sheep.  Granted, it needs a head!   The stoneware Teapot and Square footed box are by Maureen Mills ,who has an amazing resume AND a BA in Chemistry.
 Walker Boyle presented a menagerie of small pewter animals.
 Boyle's Moose was small but mighty.

 Meditation by Ian Torney and Bunny by Bonnie Gould.  Torney seems to have taught at a lot of local private schools. 
 Pastel Society of New Hampshire was showing an annual exhibit.  (Click on the link to see the juror's comments... I wish they had been posted AT the gallery.)  I didn't photograph everything because the lighting and reflections were so challenging.  Lots to learn from looking at the work of others!

Tangerine Dreams by Laura Tuininga
 Hives by Norma Johnsen won Second Place.
 Late Afternoon by Betsy Craumer
 Betrayal by Juliana Cardone "Hole in One Award."  I'm not sure what the award is really for, but the juror said, "Not afraid to evoke emotions with dramatic use of color."  If I were painting Betrayal, there would have been a lot more black and red. 

The tulips were in full bloom.

 And there was a riotous color flood of hyacinths.

Ronnie Gould's  Raku Basset seemed begging to come home with me.

 Monarch Lady in Shell by Lindley Briggs (bronze and aluminum).  It was the only piece of hers that I saw.  But her website shows lots more fascinating pieces interweaving oceanic motifs and women communicating.
Chromatic by Arthur Bauman

Ronnie Gould also made a Calf Pair
Inda (the lamb), by Mary Iselin.  I remember this oil painting from my previous visit!

  Boggy Meadow Betsy Craumer

First Place Winner was "Mocha" by  Maryann Mullet
 A Touch of Glass by Claire I. Therrien
 Luminosity by Joelle Feldman
Pam Short's Incoming looked exactly like a wave "should" look.  At least to me! (Apparently to the judge, too:  she won the Seacoast Pastel Painter's Award.)

 Lemons and Linen by MaryEllen Brown
 Nasturtiums by Laetitia (Lee) Borden
 Raven by Laetitia (Lee) Borden  (I love using LOTS of colors when painting "just" black.)  And what a beautiful mat/frame job!)
Morning Walk by Sandra Kavanaugh

 Afternoon Tranquility by Barbara Barclay
I was inspired by the paintings... and took this shot of trees, path clouds and sky on my way out.  Kinda looks like a blue dog sniffing the wind, don't you think?
 I took a few photographs out the car window as I pulled into Manchester.  It has a small but vibrant downtown business district. 
 City Hall faces a plaza... but from my car, I could only see a "church-like" tower.
 I actually went to this pub on the last day. 
 Next time, I want to go with my husband and have goulash and pastry at Lala's!

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