Thursday, March 27, 2014

Painting Progress x Two


I suppose there will come a time when I'll edit my blog and photostreams and delete the works in progress or unsuccessful ones.  But maybe not. I like watching the progress of others and am definitely grateful to see progress in my own technical and stylistic development.

My "art notes" are sketchy at best.  But when I make these entries, I include details that would otherwise be omitted and remember things just by looking.  The canvas panel above (9 x 12) was toned with a combination of Mars red and Cad yellow.  I wish I'd had those colors in acrylic, because it would have dried quickly enough to avoid the green sky strokes!  But I'm liking the drama of the complimentary under-coat.  I took the reference photograph at Nichols Candies on the way to Gloucester, MA:  Shooting from a parking lot across a bit of lawn and sea-grass to an islet and hills on the far side of an ocean inlet.  The vacant spots which seem like they'll be clouds are actually masses of leaves atop skinny, asymmetrical trees.  There is also going to be a more or less vertical white stripe of reflected sun shine  in the "water."  Stay tuned.

 This floral impression is inspired by a florist's portfolio.  My daughter-in-law is enamored of star-gazer lilies and I hope you can see the foundation for two of those beautiful pink blooms.  She's hit a rough patch recently, and I'm hoping this turns out well enough (and dries fast enough) to be a bit of cheer for her home or office (8 x 10 could fit in a cubical, right?).  I need to get the vase cleared up and full of water and stems as well as increase the variety of pinks, and mauves. I've also noticed that I'd better widen the foot of the vase of the whole thing might tip over!


Holly said...

I like watching the progress, as well. Having no idea of the process, I enjoy watching it evolve. Beautiful.

Meg Forest said...

Me, too (re: watching progress).
Love the bouquet -- laughed at the comment about the base of the vase - spilled one into an open drawer yesterday!