Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time for Knitting!

It's that time of year, in more ways than one.  It is chilly most of the time and DARK very early in the afternoon, and almost non-stop football/hockey.  Oh, and pre-Christmas.  So that means it is TIME FOR KNITTING!!
Above is  20% of Stephen West's Spectra pattern.  It is UNFORGIVING!  Which means I will not ever be planning to enter this in a state or county fair, AND this is not the project to pick up if I am sleepy.  Short rows!! AND Intarsia!! AND size 3 needles.  I am pretty sure, however, that when I get it finished, washed and blocked, it will be beautiful enough for casual wear!
This is the beginning of a mystery project.   I am so glad that I mustered the courage to try a two-color cast on... AND to follow that by a slip-stitch rib.  Those Baltic knitters.... SO smart!!

 This is the most mysterious part of all.  With all those spikey sticks, I'm thinking it looks a little like sushi!  (But it's not!)

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