Saturday, November 16, 2013

Satisfying Saturday

We started off with our flu shots.  Expert RN, sharp needle, no reactions or pain, so far.

Then out to breakfast.

Respite taking care of a few chores at home and then a trek to the son, daughter-in-law and HRH, The Granddaughter.  She was apparently anticipating our visit, with lots of things to show us.  What was the center of her attention, however, was her new Gymnastics Rhythmic Ribbon and Wand.  It was a joy to watcher boogie, play and experiment.

Even this little glimpse of her mouth, cheeks and nose makes me smile.

 Briefly, she was Grampa the Electrician's helper.  (Grampa and Daddy added an outdoor plug so their new old house can be properly decked out for Christmas.

 Can't you tell from the body language that she and Daddy are on the same wavelength?!

 She and the ribbon have a few things to work out.

 Perfect moves along with a few outtakes.  You decide which are which.

 This girl just wants to have fun.  And she seems to know how.

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