Monday, May 20, 2013

My addiction... sort of

I'm reading a terrific book called Zoobiquity.
 Its primary point is that animals and humans share a lot of biological and behavioral traits.  So far I've read about which cancers they get and how they respond to treatment, partner traits preferred in mates, and addictions.

Did you know that wallabies will eat fields of poppies to get high?  That spiders given drugs spin webs that are either "overly ornate" or completely un-functional?  That dogs can get addicted to licking toads? and that their owners may enable them by catching toads for them so they'll come inside?

The authors explain why addictions mimic the brain response to useful behaviors.  We evolved to have a "good feeling" when we did things that increased the likelihood of protecting the species.... hunting, gathering, procreating etc.

I guess collecting notecards makes me THINK I am being more social and part of a community... or maybe it is just "hunting" in the modern age of acquisitiveness!  You know... getting what you need, but not quite to the hoarding level?

Anyway, here are the photos I took while at the MFA Boston.  Apparently looking is (almost) as good for my pleasure center as purchasing.  Now if I can just learn to let that be true for carbohydrates....

Sometimes it's just the packaging that gets me.
I need to figure out how this person is related to Charlie Harper.  She has to be, don't you think?  And what is cuter than geometric cats with PUNS?
Hopper is always good.  Painterly AND Graphic.  And more cats and dogs, who only take themselves moderately seriously.
I think Sheeler deserves more fame and recognition.  There's something about his geometry that I really like.
A more sentimental pair of shelves.
I wonder what William Morris (Craftsman movement), Kandinsky and Rothko would think if they met each other, saw each other's work and realized they had been lumped together.  Would they pout and sulk?  throw tantrums?  Or think they'd been mis-understood?

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