Sunday, May 19, 2013

Around Boston (on the way to the MFA)

Rarely has our GPS tool let us down.  But for some reason there is something besides THE Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that gets listed as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Before we discovered the error, (and after) we saw some pretty interesting sights.
These angles and curves were more or less across the street from the Tea Party Museum in Downtown. The area has recently been updated, but I have no idea what it is.
Interesting mix of businesses, restaurants and typography.

Photoshopped to get rid of a bus!  I liked the contrast of old and new.
Darling husband waiting for me to soak in the treasures at the MFA gift shop.
Nothing like having a compass rose on the side of a van.  No. Help. At. All.
The top of the Boston Landmark Citgo Sign. One thing I like about New England is that tradition often trumps politics, commercialism and anything else.  I think that even if there were no Citgo stations, no Citgo corporation, they'd still keep the sign.
A tame view of Storrow drive... on which we once got lost, spun around and disoriented.
Multi-layered traffic.  I'd never been on the lower level before.
But the Zakim Bridge was just as cool from this new angle. It is a relatively rare kind of bridge in that it isn't a suspension bridge, but nevertheless uses cables.  At night it is illuminated in changing colors.
And this.
A recent billboard keeping up Boston's spirits after the Marathon bombings.

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