Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're having fun now!

I have officially used the "studio" in the basement.  I painted for almost 3 hours... until my nose got too cold.  (Now that I am in the main part of the house, I realize that I'll need to wear fingerless gloves, another extra sweater and perhaps find a more forceful space heater.  BUT... the space is great!  The new drafting chair (raises, lowers, spins, has casters) is fabulous.  
I am enjoying my new tempered glass palette.  It wipes off and cleans up like a dream.  Who knew that my butcher tray was relatively porous?  And what a treat to be able to leave things out and ready to go!  The lighting is way better than anticipated even on a very dark day.  It has just switched from sleet to snow AND sleet! And in spite of it not being 5 pm yet, it is relatively dark out.
I embarked on this painting of cat with shadow, using a palette as limited as my current class's, with slightly different hues, because my last mentor had a different recommended list.  Even after a year in  basement storage the paints are all workable (although I'm glad I had pliers to twist off the caps!)  I am surprised at how scribbly the piece looks because I really was trying to lay down chunks of color in a poised and deliberate manner... and then LEAVE THEM ALONE.  I hope the next go-round of NEW chunks of color to correct/tone/add interest, contrast or value changes has energy without so much mania!  At the original scene, the cat was standing on sandy dirt which was full of tire and shoe tread patterns.  If you know how I can convey the idea of tiny shadows and color variations without attempting "realism" or obsession, let me know!
By the way, "Best" refers to the model of easel, not anything else. 

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