Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday in the Snow at a Winnekenni Castle

         Actually, no.  We were feeling a bit of cabin fever and went for a drive... taking some roads that we usually just whizzed by.  Not only did we discover a nearby community college, but we found this "castle" which was once the summer home of someone with fanciful taste.  At present Winnekenni Castle is used as a cultural center "in the season," i.e., April through November or so.  It is rentable-- and I've since run into people who have been to memorial services, proms and parties there.  I have no idea what the inside is like, but I kept expecting Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre or one of the Bronte sisters to show up.
       Or maybe an agent from The Hartford.

 Or perhaps Rapunzel's prince? 
 This building is perpendicular to the main structure and is in need of window replacements.  The heavy wood door, was new and quite beautiful.
 I'm wondering if there is a year round caretaker who lives here.  The building was much more contemporary.
Footsteps hinted at paths trodden into the woods.

Abstraction of the doors and "garage."

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