Monday, October 08, 2012

Taking a Day Off

 Even when it isn't a quasi-official holiday, I am not a proper housekeeper.  There are dust bunnies and nests of papers, projects or books lots of places.  They are on horizontal surfaces, but NOT the floor, so I don't think I am quite diagnosable as a hoarder.  I had thought I might contemplate and begin setting up my studio-in-the-basement today, but it isn't going to happen.

What I did get done was:
  • Going with DH to refill all fillable prescriptions and correcting some errors the pharmacy made last time.  (Do YOU have accuracy issues with your pharmacy?)
  • Restocking the pantry at the grocery store.  (McCoun apples are in.  Can't wait to try them, and to hustle the languishing Cortlands into a pie.)
  • Remembering to buy a sponge mop. (To harass, vanquish and remove the aforementioned dust bunnies).
  • Collecting the recyclable papers (also mentioned above) for recycling.
  • Setting a password for my Social Security account.  (Good grief I got old)
  • Deciding that I can't live without at least a small file cabinet in my "office."  I'll get one of the ones out of the basement and either ModPodge it with fabric, or spray paint it with some bright color.  Beige Days are gone.
Yesterday I went to the First Weekend Open House at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.  A nice half hour drive in drizzly weather. I took some pictures on the way home.  My name doesn't show up on signs very often.  The one above makes me think it might be fun to have my own restaurant... for about five minutes.  Whenever I go by, it is closed, and seems likely to be out of business by the next time.  And if it WERE mine, I would have to BE there all the time.
So I will just enjoy the dream and the sign.
Another reason I like the sign is because it is right next to a triangular building.  The building is a sort of Cape Cod gray-blue and has amazing starburst vents/window decorations.
There's a part of SH 110 that has big old Victorian (?) houses on it.  Most of them are in fine condition; painted in Sherwin Williams dream colors and accessorized with bright annuals.
I found this barn/garage on a side street.  I liked the shape and the contrast between the two "reds" and the foliage.  Amazing how with the right crop, it can look SO much more exotic than it really was!

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