Friday, October 05, 2012

Doozy and Woozy

 Today was Hubby's time with the MD... and MUCH sunnier than yesterday.  These are some views-from-the-car on our way.  (When he drives, I can shoot better... but it's still a bit of catch as catch can!)
 This farm is for sale.  I can't find a listing on Trulia or Zillow or  To the right of the shingled building is a Christmas Tree Farm.  I don't know what functions the red buildings serve(d).  I do love the blue, red and green colors in the sun, though.

 Entering Merrimac, MA.
 The "best" colored tree near the MD's office.
The following may be TMI.  But if Margaret and Helen can cuss and say what's on their minds, I believe I will, too.
While Darling Husband was with the MD, I took myself and my camera around the block to get my walk in.  There are HILLS in New England.  Steep down and steep back up.  I debated whether to walk that far as a new medication the MD wants me to "try" is making my inner workings jittery to say the least.  I got my heart rate up high enough that I didn't count the beats.  And although it was in the mid 70's, I had definitely worked up a "glow."  Unfortunately, I also jogged those already temperamental innards, too.  A lot.  I thought I'd be okay after powdering my nose, so we headed to Portsmouth where DH picked up some Torx tools to use on my dead hard drive.  Regrettably my insides were still revolting, so we came home and I took a three hour nap.
Hope that doesn't happen TWICE a day which is how often I'm supposed to take those benign looking little pills.
I may have to ask for the long-release version and just take it at bed time.

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