Wednesday, August 29, 2012

View from the Porch

 Yesterday, our garden shed looked like a miniature house from a fairy tale.  Surely something magic could happen (besides a re-enactment of Hansel and Gretal) I could hear lots of different (unknown) birds.  The Blue Jays practically had a riot. Their ruckus was explained by a neighborhood cat that emerged from the cover of the trees shortly thereafter.
 This is our newest bird feeder.  So far I have seen chipping sparrows, gold finches, robins, seagulls (!), hawks or predatory birds of some sort, wood peckers, hummingbirds and blue jays.

 It feels like we are in the heart of the woods, but really there is a thin ring of trees around our property. Sitting and rocking at the end of the day really helps the serenity quotient!
 Sun rays and shadows
 Can you see all those pine cones?  I wonder if that means a colder than average winter.... Do you think squirrels would climb that high, or just wait for gravity's victory?
 The clouds were racing Eastward.  We should have bands from Isaac by the middle of next week.
 Blue sky in the Granite State.  (Just as blue as Texas'... but the sky seems smaller because of the trees.  and mountains.)
At present only a few rakes and shovels live here.  I think my art studio will be IN the house... even if it is the basement.

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