Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memphis Soul in Massachusetts (5K for MS)

 The Memphis Soul 5K last weekend in Somerville encouraged people to dress as Elvis (or anything/anybody else).  For such a warm day, a grass skirt seemed relatively appropriate.

 Hydration is important.

 The start was segregated by how fast people thought they would run.  DIL was in the 12 minute bunch.
 HRH the Granddaughter seemed to be channeling her mom's nerves.  At least a little.

 Stop!  Start!!  or in my case:  Do Not Enter.  (Maybe in another year... or another life.)

 Waiting for Mom
 Here she comes!

 I pulled a muscle (or it cramped about 2/3 through.  Who's got Tylenol?
Attempts at comfort... WITHOUT sitting on the sore muscle.
 DIL with HRH and the cousins

 Wait until they are tweens!

 Heading home... for a nap and a hot bath! (Daughter and I ate at this diner:  The Rosebud)

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