Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Turkeys, Diners and Books

 When I looked out the front window yesterday... These are what I saw.  Two turkeys.  Gobbling away... in the grass.  They wandered off into the woods after about 20 minutes.

 We tried Hope's Diner for breakfast this morning.  It really does feel like it could have been a train car.  Kinda small, with booths and a counter, short order cook and a server.  The server was very friendly (used to "be in Municipal Bonds" but decided to do dog grooming for a while, and then get back into the food business.  The diner is named after the property owner, Hope... who is 93 years old.
 Is this a great name, or what?
 DH thinks there are only "stuff stores" in Exeter, but I think this might be a reason to return.Apparently Me and Ollies is a chain.  But for a good muffin..... or bargain lunch...
Books that are now on my wish list.  I don't know that we'll NEED to prune until late winter or spring.

I could learn some new knitting technique(s) in the mean time.

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