Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Saving Sanity

 I've been playing a bit with doodles.. especially those on the net and in books called Zentangles  (a copyrighted commodification/monetization of  doodling.  I'm not sure that I really think they are appropriate for "intellectual property" protection.  The sequence of making the designs may be proprietary, but the end results will vary just the way handwriting varies.  We can all make a "y" or an "a", but everyone's, while recognizeable, will be different.  And, actually, there are lots of ways those letters could be written (or drawn) that would end up the same, hence eliminating the need for an "official process."  
I bet the mandala and zentangle people will be irritated by my novice views.
At any rate, I'm enjoying the process in my own peculiar way.

 Sunday afternoon we went to The Irish Cottage Pub to watch one of the Stanley Cup semi-finals games and with some snacks.  The locals were much more interested in THEIR team:  The Red Sox.  I drew this woman who said she always came in to the pub (possibly after work(?) to watch the final three innings.  I also found it interesting that the pub seems to have different glasses for every brand of beer and ale.  Next time I want to try the Crabbie's Ginger Beer.

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