Monday, March 12, 2012

Diptych of Overpainting by Sultry
Diptych of Overpainting, a photo by Sultry on Flickr.

I'm not sure where "my" sheep have gone... but I've been painting "out of my head" or from the heart recently. Today's adventure was absorbing, with interludes of sadness when I found myself thinking about having to find a new studio and "gang" to paint with.

I didn't like the sad feelings, but I'll probably risk them again next week. It's sort of like therapy! (And goodness knows, therapy sometimes involved sad moments, too.)

These were originally quite different. is the more recent one. The other was the very first canvas to which I applied paint... and I was doubtful enough about it that I never posted a picture of it! (Don't worry, it was horribly amateurish... Still life/bowl/fruit/bottle which all looked like they were made of either felt or poorly shaped Styrofoam!.

I'm hoping that I can make amendments that unite the two pieces.

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