Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Days are Flying By

My peer supervision/support group all gathered this morning for Brunch to give me an official send off. EVERYBODY came! Quite an honor... especially since at least three of the women woke up with worse-than-usual headaches or body aches, and one had been delayed getting home from St. Louis by severe thunderstorms. Thank you all, ladies, for brunch and your support and friendship for the past EIGHTEEN (OMG) years!

I look forward to keeping up with your discussion topics!

I think we're at least half way packed. Holy Moly we have a lot of boxes everywhere. Books are packed. CD's are Packed. Upstairs is packed. DR and LR is packed. Can't really pack clothes yet. (Need to do laundry anyway).

There IS, of course, the kitchen, pantry, laundry, garage and workshop. The garage (like most people's) is hardly pristine... but I think a couple of boxes for tools and another trip or two to the dump, and we'll be OK.) I need to research how to pack stemware... not that we use it much, but I'd like it to arrive in the original number of pieces.

The Yarn Stash is packed!
Four (!) plastic flat-packs intended for under the bed storage. FILLED with yarn! (Embarrassed just a little) AND another dresser with 3 drawers of yarn. But it sure reminded me of the neat picks I've made in the past!!)

We made another Good Will drop off this morning. All those "wrong-sized" clothes that I'll never wear... even if I miraculously drop 5 or 10 sizes. It is a wonderment to me that I ever squeezed into them.

After the Good Will we went to a local pet store to get a more commodious "crate" for the cat. Much to my surprise, I turned around after packing boxes... and there she was lounging in it. We've had many beds for her in the past... but she actually seems to like this one! Hello, Kitty!

Eight more days till the movers arrive.

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