Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12 days remaining
11 farewell meetings
10 more trips to the land fill (or Good Will)
9 books o' boxes from my cave
. . .
and a feathered hen wrapped up in bubble pack!

All together Hubby and I taped, packed and taped shut 39 boxes today. The good news was that yesterday we got the "Get Packing" message from the Realtor.
But even though I don't think we have to RUSH, I am surprised at how tiring this part is. Imagine resting your eyes on anything in your house and knowing that you don't know when you will see it again.

And, when you think about it in terms of maintaining an uncustomary position for 6 hours and doing maybe 3000 reps with even a mere 1.5# weight (all books and mostly with the right arm), it is NOT that surprising.
I'm sure I'll sleep well!

Apparently my hoarding tendencies are NOT omnifarious. They tend toward envelopes and dried- out colored markers.

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Holly said...

That chicken is pretty fantastic. Good luck with the last days. I'm sending you strength.