Thursday, March 29, 2012

Continual Change

Believe it or not, aside from my hubby, this is my oldest/best friend in Texas. We knew each other before we had kids! She organized a great going away dinner and took lots of photos between ravioli and cannoli. But when I said I'd take HER photo, here's her pose. And she thinks I am the funny one.
Just like sisters. I had wonderful toast-comments, roast-comments and "hope you'll come back" comments. More meaningful to me was that almost everyone remembered some time when I said something that was a comfort or consolation... and those that remembered "confrontations" thought of them as helpful. One person even thought it was life changing. I love being reminded that I matter.
Puppy the cat just liked looking out the window at night. (She likes it during the day time, too. She hasn't had "cities" to look at in the past, just the back yard: plants, rabbits, birds and bugs flying into the porch light.

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