Thursday, June 30, 2011

The stash. TAMED,
a photo by Sultry on Flickr.
The stash. TAMED by Sultry

I spent the better part of the afternoon weeding the books that used to be in this book case and then moving my yarn stash into the nooks and crannies made by my clever husband.

I was dismayed at the number of projects I had abandoned.

Watch out WIP's.

While I was sorting through the books, the cat came and kept me company. She didn't even nap, but settled on top of bags of yarn while tallying the squirrels and birds outside the bedroom window.

And here's the vertical Stash Tamer before I (almost) filled it up. I think it looked like I had more yarn when it was spread all over the window seat. I must remember that that is NOT a reason to buy any more yarn. Even if we ARE moving to where it is COLD!

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