Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh those great Danes!
yes I do have a dirty mind sometimes
My daughter has been doing embroidery of late, so I got out my stash of DMC floss and visited the local craft store and started surfing the web to see what's out there these days. (The last time I did much emboidery was during the "Crewel" fad of the 1970's.)
Well, with the advent of the web (especially Google and Flickr) you can see lots of neat new stuff, watch tutorials, etc. I got some good hints via Carina at Polka and Bloom (how many threads to use) and she also mentioned that she buys fabric from Stof and Stil... a Danish company. (Because she is Danish).
So when I went to their website... this was the cover of their catalog.
Does anybody else think it's funny?

It is definitely worth some time to browse (although my language skills probably aren't good enough to actually order from them). Lots of design inspiration similar to but different from Ikea.
Love those Scandinavian flavors.

PS: According to Google Translate "Slut spurt" = Final sprint
I guess that's a relief!!

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playmakebelieve said...

i laughed. :)