Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay. It took two years. (I have some issues with perfectionism and hence with finishing things.) But whether it was retiring or wanting to knit new stuff for the new grandbaby, I finally got what it took to finish DH's sweater.
I feel a little let down.
It wasn't at all like "giving birth" they way writers talk about finishing their novels.
It wasn't at all like cleaning the kitchen where you wipe your hands and say, "Well, that's done for today."
But I wanted to pause and celebrate. Apparently I don't know how to do that on my own very well. So there was this big long pregnant silence after I gave it to my husband. He new I expected something, but neither of us knew what. So he started saying things that he hoped would be right.
  • I like it.
  • I love it.
  • The sleeves are a good length.
  • It isn't too tight.
  • It's a good color.
  • It the best sweater anybody ever knit for me. (Previously owned hand knit sweaters: 0)
  • It has really small button holes (not sure this was really complimentary).

In short, he was wonderful, even if he reminded me of Franklin Habit's little movie about Christmas Knitting for your spouse/lover when they don't really care about knitting.

The cat still likes it. She often sat in my lap while I was knitting, and I imagine she'll continue to feel happy in his lap while he's wearing it... or happy sleeping on it if it gets left on a chair.

I'm glad it's done. (I didn't realize how worried I was that the shape would be wonky. I knit a sweater for my son and he loved the sweater but it didn't fit and the sleeves weren't the right length. Hmmm. Guess if something doesn't work out you should do it again and try to get it right. Son's sweater is on my "mending" shelf. Maybe I'll get the nerve to do "whatever it takes" to shorten the sleeves and make the neck bigger. His is wool, and he still has lots of snow on the ground. He could wear it THIS year even if I knit his daughter something new, cute and LITTLE, first.

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