Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holy Halloween, Batman!

I think this "yard art" exactly contradicts the original reasons for All Saints Day and Halloween. The point was to acknowledge evil, spookiness and mysteries so that one's complacency didn't lure or lull one into danger.
Apologies for the fuzzy focus. Taken "on the fly" while hubby was driving (and not telling me when we'd start up!.

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voz said...

I've never quite gotten peoples' opposition to halloween. Denying the darkness doesn't make it go away.

The church I went to as a kid got a new pastor a while back and he stopped having the annual halloween party because he didn't think it was appropriate for kids to be dressing up as devils and ghosts. I just wanted to call him and say dude, they're not devil worshipers, they're there for the CANDY!