Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Sketchbook
Composition Thumbnails
These don't indicate lights and darks, but I am finding lots of value in playing with shapes, curves, repetition, abstractions etc. Color must REALLY distract me! The pen and ink drawings challenge me in different ways.

Sheep! I found a great book with pictures of the major sheep breeds in the US. (Cattle, goats and pigs, too). I started at "A." Not only am I begining that they "don't all look alike," I am amazed by just HOW different the breeds are from each other. Silly me. St. Bernard's and Shih Tzu's are different, why not Blackbellies and Dorsets?!!

Fantasy sheep -- As I get more familiar with drawing sheep, fleece and animals in general, there is this temptation to make them into "people" with character. I hope to find images worthy of the time and effort to make them into paintings.

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