Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008!
Well, even with the extra second (to keep us punctual), it is almost 2009.

I've been thinking about the new year, resolutions, and the pros and cons of making them. Usually, I recommend against resolutions, but advocate for plans. Some combination of both is probably the best.

Year before last I attended the Knitter's Review Retreat in Western Massachusetts. This year, there was a timing conflict with a long-anticipated trip to EASTERN Massachusetts to visit DS and DD. But after we returned home, I got the letter that Clara had invited all the KRR participants to write to themselves for "next year."

When I read that letter, I realized that my "wish for myself" was almost entirely fulfilled.
I took control of my health and weight.
I enriched my relationship with my husband, DD and DS and their significant others.
I expanded my artistic/creative/expressive pursuits.

And I was pleased.
My inner self is blossoming. Again.

Funny how in circumstances like that, I never write "triple my income!" I should probably include that in my letter-to-self for 2009! I know I will expand my psychotherapy/coaching practice, and paint, and knit... maybe even finish those UFO's that orbit around the house. while continuing to build on the successes of this year.

To all who have encouraged, nudged and responded here (and elsewhere)..
you know who you are!

And in case you are looking for something to think about (now that the election is over), here's a piece I did years ago, that still resonates with me. Be well.


Flying Colors said...

Hi Painter Woman!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year 2009!
I'm going with the intention plan or just plain plan mode. Good Idea...

Have a great year! Best to you :-)
Thanks for all your comments and visits...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, sweet friend! We'll have to get together soon to celebrate over a warm beverage & thoughtful conversation. :)

wenders said...

I JUST posted on MY blog about goals vs resolutions and then read this... :)

We're on the same page.

AND, I ADORE the colorful woman you posted (oh, and of course, the one you ARE).