Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wherein I invite an overlap
between my personal life
and my professional life

Many of you know that I am a clinical social worker. Consequently, people call me lots of different things: psychotherapist, couples counselor, family therapist or just "a safe person to talk to."
My office is in North Texas, and sometimes I do coaching by telephone.

And, I also write a newsletter that I send every so often via Constant Contact.

The forthcoming issue is all about how to plan, prioritize and have a good time before, during and after the holiday season
. And you can get it free by email, or ask YOUR friends, family and colleagues if they would like to sign you up.

If you've ever thought the turkey was the lucky one at Thanksgiving, you'll like this issue. Anyone can get their feathers ruffled by the nutty relatives in a family, or by unresolved feuds that get stirred up. Anyone can get overwhelmed by obligations, costs, or too many traditions.

Does your family travel between now and the New Year? Identifying what is most important to you will make it a lot easier not to sweat the small stuff. Choose what is important; plan for that, and you'll find it easier to tame (or ignore) speed bumps or turbulence in your glide path. That's what it takes to stay relaxed and keep a smile on your face.

Future issues will cover a wide range of subjects that I hope will be of interest to associates and clients: Positive Psychology, Choicemaking, Relationship building, Parenting as well as self care when grieving, depressed or stressed. I welcome requests for specific topics, as well as questions you might have.

If you would like to be on that mailing list (no fees! no obligations!), this is your chance! By clicking on the "email me" link in the header above, you'll get yourself added. If you decided against it, just unsubscribe when it shows up with your email.

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