Sunday, November 04, 2007

Painting happens!
I wasn't sure I'd get to any painting this weekend since yesterday turned out to be a VERY low-activity day (enriched by the spending of the birthday gift certificate which revealed itself as NOT LOST!!). Today had a similar start, and the return to CST is always peculiar... even though I appreciated the "extra" hour.
So I began a pair of still life paintings with some nearly dead red peppers and a yellow onion.
Since I doubt I'll be painting on these in the next few days, I'm glad I could take a reference photo. Perhaps that will give me more creative license! The good news is that the peppers look lumpy, the bad news is the lumps aren't very realistic. And the onion? It could almost be a peach.

Beach Cat Redux

My imaginary cat has had some "orthopedic work," eye work, and color adjustment. Those who wondered if he was wearing sunglasses can rest assured that now he sees you.
(The earlier version is here.)

Already, I've learned a lot about painting in oil. You really can do the painting in layers, which means you don't have to "paint around" things the way watercolors, or even pencil, often requires.
I might do something like this again, but do the sky, then the sand and ocean... and then put the cat ON TOP and IN FRONT, rather than having the paing push up toward his edges as though he was wrapped in a blanket.

Honeycrisp pear.2

This little canvas needed different toning for the foreground. The photograph isn't exactly accurate for color, but you can see that there is more shading and hue and tonal variation. I also re-worked the highlight on the apple. The original is here.


juj said...

The texture on those peppers and onion is terrific - whoever visits be sure you click on the larger version so you can see it - especially the curly root part of the onion.

phthaloblu said...

Very nice! I can't paint, so seeing other people do it pleases me. I just live vicariously thru painters. :-)