Sunday, November 04, 2007

Border's Birthday Bonanza

You may remember that a substantial gift certificate from DH for my birthday was on the lam for a while. I found it. (Hiding under the passenger seat in the car... where I had looked at least three times)Well, it didn't burn a hole in my wallet for long. I've perused my loot and recommend you find time for any on of these, or some other book this week!

DH loves that I love these. Conveniently, Kay Scarpetta's most recent case was on the best seller table.

I hope I like this: It is my Bookclub's November book. I think it is about governing by fear... so there may be plenty to discuss.

I've always liked William Steig! From the time I was old enough to understand New Yorker Cartoons, to when I was old enough to be a librarian and discover his books for children. The nerve to draw the hats (see IF) was partly from looking at Steig's (seemingly) simple drawings.

Sometimes, nothing will do but poetry. This looks like a promising anthology, though I still love my Poem A Day volumes.

Inspiring and breathtaking examples of contemporary masters of drawing. The articles are reprints from Drawing magazine.

Subtitled "The Cream of the Crap" these are cartoons that aren't high brow enough for the New Yorker. THEY SURE ARE FUNNY THOUGH!

Apparently this is the 4th or 5th book of secrets to be published. This one is full of post card art, and honest confessions. If I can figure out how to prevent it being stolen, I'd like to put it in the foyer of my (psychotherapy) office.

And, of course, even when I couldn't find the Borders' card, I bought books.

This hasn't gotten good reviews, but I heard Ms. Sebold interviewed by Terry Gross. If you've ever heard a Terry Gross interview, you know that there's a natural urge to know even more. If you ever told your mother you hated her (or had your kids stay it to you) you might have at least something in common with the main character of this book!

Carrie Adams' novel should have been a beach read, I think. Maybe I'll save it for the post-turkey nap time at Thanksgiving!

Ken Follett's best selling book. He does make the 12th century fascinating. I bought this one because the sequel is now in bookstores.

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roro said...

Ooooh! That's quite a haul! Will there be reviews? I'm particularly interested in the Ken Follett one . . .