Thursday, October 18, 2007

I could use your help.

How long should I beat myself for not being able to find the big fat Borders Gift Certificate that DH gave me for my birthday?

I had a fabulous time today selecting LOTS of books and magazines to purchase. A real splurge. And when I was checking out, neither that certificate nor the one from DD was in my wallet. I DID find the one from DD and promptly blew through that. But I couldn't find the other one. Divine DH pulled out his credit card to purchase my splurge... and now I feel guilty as well as stupid, dis-organized, cluttered... and did I say stupid?

I know that beating myself up doesn't make it show up. I don't know how to stop.
There's a remote chance that both gift certificates fell on the floor last week at WW...(Lots of stuff fell on the floor, and one of the certificates was handed to me. I didn't look at the time to see which one. If somebody was honest, or doesn't like books, it might be there tomorrow.

I've looked everyplace I can think of... with the exception of the archaeological layers of books, papers and "mail to save" in my office. If it is there, I didn't put it there on purpose. And it will take at least till Sunday afternoon to get a chance to search THAT heap thoroughly.

I'm going to go paint something wild. I feel angry.


Holly said...

Did DH use his credit card to purchase the gift certificate? Some stores will track the purchase if you lose a gift certificate. Maybe Borders has a way to tell that you haven't used it and can re-issue. The store I work at can. Either way, stop with the beating yourself up. We're human. We mess up. You didn't mess up the cure for cancer or our one shot at world peace. No question that it's big time frustrating, though. Give it it's due and then paint it away. You never know, it might turn up yet.

roro said...

I HATE it when I lose that kind of stuff! So frustrating. But beating yourself up, as you say, solves nothing. I just tell myself that the elves who stole my gift certificate must really need some books. And then, of course, AFTER I've bought the stuff, the GC shows up.