Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beach cat and Honeycrisp
This, obviously, is an imaginary cat. For one thing it is very un cat like. He'd not finished. He is going to get green eyes. Can you tell he's at the beach? With sand and water? I wouldn't want you to think he was on a bedspread or something!

I hoped it would be bold and fun.
I'm thinking it is bold and dumb. Suggestions (or solutions) welcome!

I intensified some of the highlights and background of the Honeycrisp apple and pear. The pear is beginning to look bruised. I should either photograph it and eat it, or declare this painting finished.

What do you think?
If/when I frame it, it might look more interesting if I cropped it more during the framing process.

Comments? Recommendations?


Susan Hosken said...

Looking forward to the cat getting green eyes. Looks a bit spookey with hollow eyes. S/he looks like s/he is at the beach but s/he could indeed be on a bedspread. S/he made me laugh.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

phthaloblu said...

The cat IS spooky without eyes, but a like the style just the same. The fruit looks fantastic!