Monday, September 03, 2007

Oils Venture I

I had the table easel and table, but the other oil painting supplies were part of a lavish art supply trip on Saturday. The folks at Asel Art were helpful, but it wasn't till I got home that I realized I'd duplicated some colors between brands. I should have PLENTY of Titanium White for a while!

To the extent I can stay self disciplined (don't laugh, please!) I am going to follow the lessons in Kathleen Staiger's "The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted." Lesson One: Brush Strokes.

And here's what I did to "apply" what I learned so far. (One thing I learned is the color of Payne's Gray, something I NEVER used in watercolors. Another thing I learned is that I wished I'd bought some Burnt Sienna, and whatever I need to make a darker blue. (Haven't gotten to Lesson Two: Getting the Color You Want

This doesn't deserve to be signed, but it does have a name:

Tropical Riot

In honor of hurricane Felix about which I was listening as I painted.


Nava said...

Nice!! and so very expressive!!
Wow, converting from watercolor to oils is not trivial.

(-) A fellow artist blogger :-)

SCquiltaddict said...

fun stuff...interesting colors

Lynn Larson said...

Absolutely wonderful! I love the movement and colors. BTW...there is no such thing as too much white with oil paint :)

Can't wait to see your next creation.

Donn said...

Looks like you're on your way! Oils are a lot of fun. I can't use them anymore, so had to turn to watercolors. Never liked acrylics, but just got a nice starter set from Daniel Smith and am anxious to try them, after my curren on-line waterclass is over with Kate Johnson.

Jana Bouc said...

Oh goodie! A fellow traveler on this mysterious road called Oil Painting! I used her book too to get the basics and thought it was excellent. I've just picked it up again to go back and try to understand the section on making neutralized darks. Aren't oils just so much fun (and so much to learn!)

Lori Witzel said...

You go, gal! Lovely experiments and learning going on, I hope you'll keep exploring this way!