Sunday, September 02, 2007

More Sketches

In preparation for actually OPENING the tubes of oil paint I bought yesterday, I've been sketching and drawing. Comments, observations and (even) suggestions are most welcome!

I'm trying to work on lights and darks.

The cat doesn't actually glow in the dark, but her true browns and ochers are not as interesting as alternating warm and cool colors.

I found a photograph of my son taken when he was maybe 8 years old. Again, focusing on lights and darks, I attempted a free-hand rendering. This is recognizeably him from way back when!

This is our "Cat on Crack." The crack between the sofa cushions, that is. When I sketched her, she really did hide most of her tail, with just the tip escaping.

Another watercolor pencil sketch; this one based on a VERY muted photograph of cherry trees on the tidal blossom.

Sometimes the cat watches me.

I was attempting to get "interesting light and dark shapes. The light shape is not that interesting. I have a great sense of needing to redo some barn scenes!


Cati said...

Hey just found your blog on EDM The sketches are great - happy painting! Looking forward to seeing some of your oil paintings.

Linda said...

Good idea to do the value studies first! Your first paintings should be great!:-)

SCquiltaddict said...

love the kitties and the trees..

wenders said...

I LOVE these. You are very talented.

phthaloblu said...

Nice value studies. Can't wait to see some of your paintings, too.