Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful Day in Rockport
Allegedly, this building, known as "Motif No1" is the most photographed and painted building in the US. I'm wondering if that isn't a figment of imagination belonging to the Rockport, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. It does have nice lines, though. It could afford a paint job in REAL life... definitely weather worn.

There were genuine fishermen coming and going from lobster boats. I loved the colors of the skiffs and this fellow doing his gondolier imitation. He was very good with his paddle.
This is the view DH and I had from our lunch table at Ella's. I'm wondering if it was a mistake to skip the Cranberry-rhubarb pie.

This building has lots of moss on it, making it an interesting green. If global warming raises the sea level by much, it will be gone!

I have no idea how crowded and crazy Rockport might be at the height of the season, but I liked it a lot-- perhaps it is because it bills itself more as an artist's colony than anything else. The traffic in Salem was frustrating, and Newburyport seems to be faltering: closed shops and looking a bit like a Potempkin village, or Disneyland. There is a wonderful Nordic Import shop on Bear Neck, but the proprietor says she hasn't yet gotten a website up and running.

I also loved the paintings in John Walker's gallery.

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