Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WIP almost finished!

When I was ill and in the dumps a while back I was gifted with gorgeous skeins of chartreuse ribbon and a tuffted confetti carry along. Finally I've devised my own "pattern" plan for a shawl. The vertical stockinette panel in the center is about 20 stitches wide, and the wedge shaped triangles to each side are the result of simple "m1" additions on each side of the vertical panels.

Once off the needles, I believe this will be considerably wider than the 29 inch circular on which it is being knit!

1 comment:

roro said...

Wow - it's gorgeous! Will there be photos of you modeling the scarf?

You're all doing so much great knitting these days and I've been stuck on a sock for two months. You've inspired me! This time next week, the sock will be finished and I will be free. FREE!!