Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Pursuit!

Sometimes I am surprised by what makes me happy.

My friend KMcC invited me to come and paint with her today. (She and I have been colleagues for over 10 years, and have recently shared some health challenges). She gessoed a canvas for me, let me squeeze out bunches of paints, and experience OIL PAINTS.
It was way fun.

This is my first layer.
I can hardly wait to add more, keep sketching and LEARNING.

DH understood the implications immediately: "So when do we need to buy you oil paints?"
He's a keeper! And boy does he understand me.

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Anonymous said...

i do have to say ma, i really like your particular art style. i like the bold colors you tend to use, and i like the impressionistic/cartoon type style you draw in. it is very distinctive and fun. i still think you should get on the kids book writing/illustrating thing you talked about for so long. i think it could really take off. or MY DW and you could collaborate too, she has some good ideas for kids storybook therapy type things... just saying.