Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Last Thing
Before we head out to California.
I figured out the kind of vacation I want. (This is very important because I stayed up last night till the wee hours writing about how to make the most of your vacation. If you're interested in a copy of the monthly newsletter, send me your email address, and I'll subscribe you! It also includes a pretty funny internet list of Father's Day gift suggestions.)

Knitting and Drawing. No heavy reading. No huge sight-seeing.

Once that was decided, I (finally) packed the fabulous Jordana Paige bag my DS gave me for Christmas. It now contains a HUGE batch of knit pieces that have ends to be woven in. AND, I can still carry on the clear plastic knitting bag I usually use, and have put 2 WIP's in it, as well as a bit of frogged mohair that is beautiful but needs a different pattern. So I'm heading to Knitty for a bit of EASY (I hope) lace. When I return, I'll be able to put the pieces together that I wove the ends of, and, I hope, have the concentration for something out of the Victorian Lace book which is teasing me from my desk.

And since we're also checking luggage I still have room for books and colored pencils and sketchpads. Including:

The Happiness Hypothesis
which explores positive psychology from a different vantage point than Stumbling on Happiness or even the grand-daddy of all the "positive psychology" books, Flow.

Henning Mankell's earliest book, Faceless Killers.
I didn't realize that Scandinavian crime fiction was all the thing, but here is a
nice article with references to additional authors.

This is a view of the town in which the crime occurs from the article linked above.

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DDiL said...

hope you have a blast on your vacation...don't knit too hard....and I may have to borrow that psych book!