Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Full Day in California

We wandered South from LAX and headed for Ports O'Call. POC was a sort of ersatz fishing village that I used to visit in the 60's. I remembered it fondly. It seems to have fallen on somewhat hard times... Perhaps because it is akward to get to. Perhaps because "quaint" doesn't really cut it any more.

Before we even looked at the boats, berths or gallery, we realized there was a car show.

These were mostly labors of love. The owners and cars weren't so much about restoration as coolness.

The paint jobs were amazing!

This rambler station wagon looked looked authentic on the outside, but had a CD changer on the inside!

I didn't get a photograph of the Shelby Cobra that we loved. The owner said he raced it on a regular basis at a track in the desert, and also that he drives it at least a couple of times a week.

“Back to the 60’s” Car Show to benefit Scott Mann’s Honorary Mayor campaign, Ports O’ Call Village, SP. Car clubs and individuals are invited
to bring their classic cars out to Show and Shine. Your $10 donation gets
you into the garden. San Pedro Fish Market is cooking with all the usual
refreshments. Bands include 110 South, Trick Banana, The Perfect Mix and The
Topics. Vendor booth reservations are still available. There will be a
drawing for a Whizzer motor bike. (310-534-5277) 7:30pm

San Pedro is a long way from Whaling Days!!


wenders said...

Hey, that fisherman statue looks just like the one in glochester, ma (or however you spell that). Looks like you're getting great weather, too! So jealous...! :)

Lori Witzel said...

Car shows ROCK! You're so right about the art and metallic love...