Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saintly DH and a strange thing seen at Austin Ranch.

It must be a male version of spring fever, or something. My DH has been cleaning up like a fierce storm. Yesterday it was IN the house, this morning (before I had even considered interrupting my "beauty" sleep), he was polishing the hard wood floors, restoring (partially) the AC in his woodworking shop and cleaning the garage.

Everything has a place and is IN it. Everything that hangs on the wall is either parallel to or perpendicular to the floor. There is NO debris. Wow.

The garage has many strange and wonderful things in it, including bicycles that belong to two people who don't live here any more, and paintings and posters that just don't have dedicated wall space any more. I wonder if the truck dreams about living near a harbor.

We took a Sunday drive after dinner and encircled the planned development known as Austin Ranch. I've always loved their wire horse sculptures at the main entry. they've added many retail stores so that it is getting a mini-urban settlement feel: intimate markets, restaurants, etc. It reminded me of Edinborough. They are still making new cuts in farm land for roads. I peered down one such and thought I was seeing hay bales. Then I realized they were varied colores. Then I realized the "bales" were actually COWS. DH was persuaded to turn the car around so we could look more closely. We returned to the street and it was as if they'd been spirited away. No cows or anything looking cylindrical with legs... until we drove up closer. A phalanx of longhorns was being herded by two men in cowboy hats, riding in a golf cart. That's when you know you are in the suburbs.

When we arrived home from a lovely sunday evening drive, DH was VERY unhappy that THIS leaf had insinuated itself into the pristine premises. He talked to it for quite some time and tried to move it with his foot, but it was not going to be pushed out into the driveway.

I don't understand how both the East AND West sides of our house seem to be cul de sacs for catching leaves and debris.

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