Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to Nature
This is what I saw when I went into our living room this morning. I had no idea HOW MUCH LIGHT a fallen tree could block. We might have fire wood for a couple of years.

This is the big picture from the drive way. I was always my favorite view of the house. My little "garden" in the foreground and the beautiful Bradford Pear sheltering the back of the house.

If this tree could have screamed, this is how it would have looked.

On a lighter note, I see this almost every morning when I drive to the office. Sometimes it's Llamas, cometimes it's cows. Today the cows weemed especially interested in the nibbles right up against the fence.

The Wandering Jew and Onions were unaffected by the storm. I'm sure they'd look different if there had been hail. More storms are predicted for tonight, but it actually looks gorgeous out. Maybe we'll get lucky.

More Here.(key word "storm")

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