Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lazy (wonderful) Day

 With binoculars, peach tea and a new book I sat on the front porch for a couple of hours today.  Rumors (i.e. the weathercasters) said it was going to rain, but it hasn't yet.
Instead I got to rock quietly, meditate and watch the wildlife in the garden.  A squirrel planted himself in the bird feeder for a while and several chipmunks skirted the island of foliage (they can't climb the feeder pole).

By the time I had finished my book, I'd seen cardinals, tits(!), gold finches, chicadees, house sparrows, hummingbirds, a wood pecker and something tawny that I haven't yet identified. A papa cardinal spent considerable time feeding two fledglings on the ground in the grass.
The book I read was Not My Father's Son by Alan Cummings.  Quite powerful.  Recommended.

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