Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cellar Dweller

After an inspiring session with the Nashua Artist's Breakfast Club, I got back down to the basement, my easel, two small space heaters, several tubes of paint, partially completed canvases and some brushes and a palette knife.
I'd really be interested in what you think of my snow scene.  It is from a reference photograph, but I've made quite a few changes.  Since I really don't have Smilla's sense of snow... I can use all the help I can get!!

I also repainted some of the shadows and highlights in an old cat portrait.  I over painted "her" eyes because the others were wrong.  Obvioiusly, these are crazy, too.  Amazing how liberating it was to paint over a lot of the "old" paint, rather than trying to do it all alla prima.
 And this is my daily 6x6:  Definitely alla prima.  At least the pears look a bit more voluptuous... Although REAL highlights aren't three dimensional!!
(Suggestions welcome/solicited on this, too!!)

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