Thursday, November 06, 2014

Knitting Frenzy part 1a. (Part b and Part 2 will have to do with Baby #3 and Gift Knitting).

I belong to a group with lots of younger women. Lots of THEM seem to be having babies.  Foolishly, or generously, I'm not sure which, I decided to knit them baby blankets.  (The foolishness part has to do with how LONG it takes to do all the stitches in a blanket.  Sweaters look more complicated and can definitely run amok.  Blankets are straightforward and just have lots of stitches.) 

To keep it interesting AND non-gender-specific I used light yellow and salmon on this one.  I started with a diagonal garter stitch in a Fibonacci pattern of row colors, then switched to basket weave once I got to the largest part of the diagonal.  This is Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn (acrylic)... so it should pretty much be indestructible; definitely washable and dryable.  If well loved, a blanket lasts a lot longer than a sweater.

 The blanket I made first was a "straight" (i.e., more traditional) white one in an "Old Shale" lace pattern.  Even "easy" lace takes a fair amount of attention... but I didn't find any glaring errors in this AND" Mom" likes it. It is actually white, not pink.  The pink is reflected from the magenta sweater I was wearing when I took the picture.
 There's a third baby due right after the Holidays.  I've actually asked THAT Mom what color she prefers.  Stay tuned.

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