Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like TURKEY!

After the many exhortations by Chris Kimball (America's Test Kitchen guru) about the benefits of brining your turkey, DH decided to give it a whirl.  DH forgot the part about putting it in a beer cooler to begin with and making the brine in IT, adding the turkey and leaving it in the basement.

 Hence, The Bird is in our largest soup/stock pot AND displaced lots of stuff in the refrigerator that had expired or should have been discarded anyway.

 When the turkey is cooked, we'll have lots of room in here for pies and side dishes.  Although few or our casserole dishes are MADE for stacking.

I already made one "load" of pumpkin pies.  Libby's much KNOW that nobody wants just one, because their big can makes two.  Oh, and I usually double the spices they call for.  Maybe my taste buds are worn out, but I LOVE cinnamon, cloves and ginger!!

 In case we get munchies before the turkey is done we have plenty of alternatives, and no, NH has NOT legalized pot.  We just love carbs!

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