Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching up!

 I got behind on my daily drawing/sketching challenge, so last night I did three.  I proclaim that it is NOT cheating to "catch up."  I'm still trying to get more disciplined.

Above is a "be nice to myself" purchase.  An 8 inch sized doll that is part of a Storybook Series (from China, to be sure) that enchanted me.  Believe it or not I did NOT get either of the ones with sheep!  This one reminds me of myself and the many times I've been called "contrary."  The best part though?  She has a music box that plays "You are my sunshine." 

 This is a rendering of a pickelhaube (spiked helmet) from the NY Times magazine.  Considering I was using a simple ball point pen, I'm quite pleased with the results.  I have an increased sense of why my European relatives immigrated then the Prussians were expanding their domain.
Another rendering of a scene in Great Britain.  Trying to capture values, textures, contours from a grainy color photograph was a challenge.  I am happy with the contrast between organic tree shapes and geometric building shapes.  Might be worth an attempt at an abstracted painting.

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